Physical v Mental

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What form of stimulation turns you on the most?

I actually think it is mental stimulation for me. Recent experiences have reminded me of this and I’m happy they have too. I’d allowed myself to go craving for physical stimulation, yet there, hiding behind the curtain, was my old friend the human brain. Our biggest and best sexual toy there is.

tumblr_mzcp3h1I6m1t163t0o1_1280I’ve just been back to Seattle, a city I’ve spent huge amounts of time in over the years. I have had some incredible experiences there, many of which were mentally more stimulating than phsycially. Just being in the city made me remember so many of those good times. My geisha girl experiences, the massages with people off craigslist, a few of the women who I’ve met sitting at the bar eating dinner and ended up in some very odd fetish situations with. Did I ever mention the Canadian 50 something woman who wanted me to use my toothbrush on her anus whilst I had sex with her from behind? No? Can’t imagine why.

Back to my point though, I love mental stimuation. I guess this is why porn is so prevalent in society today. Think about it, porn is all about mental stimulation. You are probably reading this blog because of a need for mental stimulation. I find it in so many different places. I used to love Tumblr, I could browse through pages and pages of incredibly beautiful naked women and all the time be experiencing mental orgasms beyond so much more than physical masturbation would give me. I’m finding it difficult to do that now though, there seems to be too much crap on there to sift through to get to what I would refer to as pure, beautiful images.

I love which is a great site if you are at all into anything you would consider a fetish. The place caters for everything and there are some fantastic people on there who accept everyone for who they are. Imagine what society would be like if the real world was quite so accommodating? I’ve also taken to more people watching again. I’ve been living out in the countryside for the past couple of years, which has taken me out of my normal environment. The consequence of this peaceful quiet life has been my starvation in terms of visual stimulation. In Seattle last week, I was almost exploding with delight as I watched beautiful men and women going about their business. People with fantastic bodies, unaware of me watching them, dreaming about them naked doing the thing they were doing.

Whatever it is that fires your imagination, I hope you enjoy it and get the opportunity to do it as often as possible.


Take a seat

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My travels took me to Russia recently. This was a new frontier for me, I’ve never been in that part of the world. I was in Moscow to be precise, and staying in my usual luxurious hotel in the city center. Before the trip, I was doing some homework on places to go, things to do, people to see. Since my absence from posting on this blog, my sex life has been poor. Recently, I’ve been  taking the now familiar step of paying for what I need. I find it helps. It means I can be precise and adventurous, without the risk of ruining a relationship. On the whole, it has worked really well and I would encourage anyone feeling frustrated to follow this path that many men before you have taken. A useful tool for anyone on this path is the International Sex Guide. This website is a haven for people who like to pay for their pleasures and provides information and reviews for escorts and massage places all over the world.

From the sex guide, my homework for Moscow made me realise simply how vast the business is in that city. There are literally thousands and thousands of working girls who can cater for all manner of tastes. My particular penchant for this trip back in early December, was some anal play, and I wanted to be on the receiving end. I found a link to a russian site that provides a map of all girls and their list of things they are willing to do. I was surprised at how many were willing to fuck and fist guys. I chose a few who were local to my hotel and eventually get together with a 20 something woman called Petra. She is a dominatrix and has a lot of experience. She met me at the hotel and we were straight down to business. She was very friendly and accommodating and really set me at ease.

Despite all of my sexual abandon, in the few occasions I’ve been with working women, my nerves always seem to kick in. Understandable of course, you have no idea who you are going to open the door to, or who might join you mid way through! Anyway, Petra did a wonderful job of taking it easy. We’d emailed before hand to discuss what to do. I wanted my arse played with, strap-on, perhaps then to be fisted. She asked if I wanted my face sitting on, which I felt was a very kind offer. This turned out to be an absolute highlight for me.

She told me to undress whilst she was arranging her things. I was naked before she had even taken off her coat, but she then spent about 10 minutes removing various implements from her handbag. At the same time, she was slowly undressing, which ensured I was paying attention. When I tried to sit up on the bed, she told me in straight language to do as I was told and to lie on the bed. I liked it.

She was talking as she went, keeping me interested. Finally, she was ready. First, she proclaimed, she was going to sit on my face. I was to stick out my tongue and allow her to fuck herself with it how she wanted. Ok. She stepped up onto the bed wearing full body lingerie, stocking but no suspenders. For the first time in a very long time, I was turned on by underwear. She walked over and stood astride my head. I was already erect, but the blood flowed more quickly as I looked up into that young, soft quim. She had an incredible body and I was just about to enter into heaven. She told me that she was going to play with me, and try to keep me on the edge. If I felt like I was going to come, then to let her know. With that, she sat on my face.

The taste was the first thing. It had been months since I last ate pussy. It was simply divine. I can still taste the sweetness now. Petra was working wonders on my penis too, she was exceptional at teasing, without release. As I became more relaxed, she increased the pressure on my face, every now and then allowing herself to smother me for a few seconds. The impact was immediate, I knew instantly why so many people play with their breath. It heightened the experience so much. She was also pushing her arse into my face, getting my to fuck her anus with my tongue now too. This was incredible. Amazingly, we did this for 45 minutes, she eventually rolled off and told me to lie between her legs, lick her and make her come. I dutifully did as I was told. She was writhing in orgasm for 5 minutes.

After a few deep breathes, she had me up on all fours and on the edge of the bed. It was time for me to get fucked, and fuck me she did. Her strap on was about 10″. Too long for me if I’m honest. No matter how I shifted, my passage couldn’t accommodate all of it and I got that deep feeling of hurt as it hit the inside of my intestine. I was sore for days, but the experience was incredible. She also took up some gloves and attempted to fist me. No matter how we tried, it wasn’t happening. In the end, to ensure a release, we went back to face sitting. She gave me another 20 minutes of pleasure.

This final time, she was more intense with the suffocation. I was holding on to her legs keeping her in place. I hadn’t realised it, but she had started to spank my naked legs with one hand as she wanked me with the other. As the sensations went through me, one of the largest ejaculations I’ve ever experienced hit me. It was an incredible release which I still shudder thinking about now.

I want to get back to Moscow as quickly as possible. I want her to sit on my face and make me enjoy the feelings. I would never have guessed I’d have enjoyed this, but it was insanely exciting. Thank you Petra and I hope to see you again soon.


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I have discovered a new favourite site. You will know by now my desire of sensual imagery, and this site feeds my every need. Go, take a look:




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I apologise once again for my lack of writing. The life of a spiritual pervert is not always one which leads to enlightenment. However, trust me when I say this, I am doing my best to keep on track.

I have been a relatively quiet young man over the past year, with very little to report to this audience. Don’t get me wrong, I have had moments of pleasure, but they have been few and far between. I am however at somewhat of a crossroads.

I recently went on an art course. I figured my corporate life of travel, high class restaurants and hotels etc. was in need of some creative balance, so I booked myself onto a summer course at my local university. One lunchtime, whilst grabbing a bite to eat from a local cafe, a woman waiting in the queue alongside me asked how the course was going. It seemed a logical question, given that we were stood a few yards from the university and both showing signs of art school on our hands and clothes. We had a polite chat about each others respective courses and how we felt about them, but it was only later that I thought about how unusual it was she would speak to me. I’m not an attractive man, nor do I particularly look approachable in my estimation. However, the lady in question started the conversation out of the blue. I thought no more of it until last week when I landed in Heathrow airport and she joined me in a lift after being on the same flight as me.

She instantly recognised me and smiled and I took the opportunity to say hello and how nice it was to see her. We ended up taking the train into London together, and before we knew it were going to the same general location, so we shared a cab. We exchanged small talk, but all the while she was adjusting her dress and making coy eyes. I spotted the signs of attraction and also felt the same brewing inside myself.

I opened up and explained how I thought she was bold when we first met, and she explained how she had seen me in the induction briefing and thought I looked……”nice”. Hmmm.

We eventually exchanged numbers and through the day arranged over text to meet for dinner. Dinner led to drinks, drinks led to loose talk. This was on my part, and I told her how I thought she was a very attractive woman. Over the night, she took on a strong persona, gentle, but strong, and effectively started to tease and seduce me. She started to sit closer to me as the night went on. Her hand touched my leg as we spoke. I was starting to erupt inside already. The time got late and she suggested we go upstairs. I questioned if she was sure, not wanting to take things for granted. She said yes. We arrived at my room, I opened the door, she walked in, gracing her hand across my chest as she did. Immediate ejaculation almost.

Inside, she sat on the bed and started to talk. She asked me about how often I travel and told me to get drinks from the mini bar and sit beside her. She had kicked off her shoes and was curled up on top of the bed. We talked, and she rested her hand on my legs again. She got up to walk around, barefooted slowly around the room. She stopped at the floor to ceiling windows looking out over london and suggested I join her. I stood close behind her and put my arm around her waist. She touched my hand, then moved up to stroke my chin and said I was very sweet.

She walked around me, lightly tracing her hand around my body as I stood there. I went to turn to face her and she stopped me and a gentle “a-aa-aaa”. She knew what she was doing. She went back to the bed and told me to lie next to her. I propped myself up on the pillows, but she told me to lie down, flat, below her on the bed. I did, and she slowly stroked my forehead. Her touch was light and gentle, all the while being sensual. She talked quietly about how interesting it was how we had met again after the course. Fate at its most wonderful. As my eyes closed enjoying the sensation, she slowly got off the bed and said it was time to go. My look said it all, but with a gentle kiss on my cheek, she reassured me that we would be wonderful together and we should see each other again the next evening.

We met again the next night. A similar turn of events happened, this time in her hotel room. I was expecting something similar, so enjoyed the long game she was playing. Each touch from her meant more and more. Her soft, slim fingers working magic with just their finger tips. A kiss on the cheek turned into a soft single kiss on the lips. This woman knew what she was doing.

We have had 5 nights like that now, each one escalating beyond the other. She encourages me, takes me to my mental edge almost, then pauses the sensuality until the next time. For once, I am in awe of someone who demonstrates so much skill in seduction. I feel utterly at her mercy now. I dream very night of removing her clothes slowly, of seeing her body for the first time. But I will have to wait, and so, dear reader, will you.


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Whilst I consider myself very uninhibited, there are some things which I’ve never really come to terms with. Cross dressing and transvestites are one of them. That was until recently.

I’ve always been an each to their own type of person, if it floats someone’s boat, then good luck to them. For me though, the whole idea of cross dressing or being a trans-sexual conjures up images of hairy 40+ men wearing their wives underwear on a tuesday afternoon in Bradford whilst their beloved is out at work.

Not for the first time in history, I stumbled across the thing that changed my mind in a bar recently in Istanbul on a work trip. I was there on my own for a few nights, and decided I would try the hotel bar one night after being out for a meal with some people from the office. I sat at the bar a few stools down from a very good looking woman, hoping the conversation would start when she heard my very English accent, which is usually the catalyst. Within a minute of me ordering my drink she asked where I was from. Turns out she was from Spain and was visiting on work too.

You know how the rest of that story goes, so I won’t bother with the details, except to say it was the best blow job I’ve ever had. I think I took the big reveal in my stride, but I couldn’t help but let out a “what the fuck?” when I first encountered the half erect salami in his\her pants. My surprise was more from a how the hell was I so easily fooled, rather than a shit what do I do now. What did I do? Well, I did what every self respecting pervert does, I had sex with him\her. Very good it was too.

But there I was a few minutes later. Kneeling behind a man on his way to becoming a woman. Breasts were in place and small and tender. Waist was suitably slim. Skin was hair free. Face was incredibly beautiful. Frankly, I don’t think many people would have spotted the signs of her being a him. Anyway, as I’m kneeling behind her, I’m thinking to myself, actually, this doesn’t feel like being with a guy. Yes, every now and then I get a slap of his penis against my balls as he bounces backwards and forwards, but other than that, there was nothing going on in my mind that suggested I wasn’t liking the experience.

After we’d both come, and I did help him to reach his climax too, we lay on bed, with her in my arms stroking my chest. It was a surreal experience if I’m honest. Since then, I’ve been looking through my usual web sites to find someone similar and this beauty at the link below is as close as I can get. I think you will agree there is a remarkable lack of male signs except for the obvious.

Amazing Cross dresser

I don’t think I would go looking to find this experience again, but I am glad I’ve done it.


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I always feel a huge pang of envy whenever I see lesbians enjoying each other. Not because I want to be with them, although I generally do. No, it is because of the sensuality that exists in that relationship typically. More times than not, you will find that two women and gentle and seductive with each other. If you look across the sexual marketplace at two guys, their approach typically seems more animal like.

I am sure some scientist can explain to me how male hormones drive a certain type of behaviour. But I think it boils down to, for guys, having a gay relationship or encounter is purely about fucking. Simple, and straightforward, it is about doing to the other guy what you can. I am sure there are lots of exceptions to this, but all of my experiences have been that guys just want to fuck each others brains out given a chance. In contrast however, women it seems, want to seduce and enchant each other into the bottomless pit of pleasure.

Anyway, I feel envious that woman are afforded this wonderful ability to be so sensual. I hope that if reincarnation is true, I come back as someone like one of the women in this image.


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As I mentioned a few days ago, things at home on the sex life front haven’t exactly been desirable. There are a bunch of reasons I don’t need to go into as to why, but it has been pretty boring to sum things up. I raised this with my angel a few weeks ago and, in the interest of keeping the relationship within a glimmer of hope of surviving, I suggested we come up with 3 things for the following week we wanted to try with the other person.

Now, as you may remember, my angel is not particularly well versed in sexuality or sensuality. Her idea of exotic is turning the lights out. Anything other than missionary is deemed anti social behaviour and akin to bestiality. So my expectations were pretty low about what she would choose.

I, on the other hand, had a list as long as my arm of things I wanted to try with her. I had, however, limited the game to three things though; I had to abide by my own rules. What would your three things be to try given a chance I wonder? Leave a comment.

I proposed a few nights where we allowed each other to exercise one of our list of three. As expected, the angel didn’t have a list, so I offered to go first and expand her education. She went out to work for the afternoon and as evening set in I turned the bedroom into a massage parlour. The bed was stripped back to a bare sheet, towels were laid out, oil was placed in a warming dish, and I dug a blindfold out of one of the many airline wash kits I’ve accrued over the years of travel. My plan was to get her into the bath, as she started to climb out, I’d dim the lights, towel her down, blindfold her to lower her inhibitions, then lay her out to massage her.

That plan was part 1 of my evening and, with a few minor disagreements, went according to plan. The problem was part 2. Now whilst she was at work, I’d laid out the room with bits and pieces, towels, oil as I’ve said, but also a hidden video camera and my phone. My idea was, to get her blindfolded, begin to massage her, but every now and then, take a break, and video her so I can beat myself stupid on my business trips over her naked body. I also wanted to capture her arse on film, since I never get a chance to see it up close.

For the record, there is no way on hell she would agree to me doing the above, which is why I hid the camera in the room. Now when I say hidden, what I mean is that it was on the floor under the bed and that, as the evening progressed, I would grab it whilst massaging her feet, and film a few minutes of her ass whilst her legs were spread apart.

Lighting was a problem, so the results were crappy, but I still managed to massage her and in particular the area around her backside. The point was that was the thing I wanted to do. However, this just got my juices flowing, so me being me, I went to finish her off with my fingers whilst she was still lying face down. This produced excellent results as she shuddered on my fingertips. Very nice.

I was still bursting with an erection, and she was still lying face down on the bed. I’d spent the best part of an hour staring at her ass hole as I massaged her, and I had nothing but ass on my mind.

We’ve never done anal. ever. I haven’t even suggested it because I already know the answer. but for whatever reason, that night I felt like it would be the night to try.

I started to kiss her neck, slowly at first, then with a little more venom. As I did, lying across her back as I was, my dick was already brushing through her parted cheeks. I could feel the end rubbing on something and figured it was her ass. This just raised the stakes further and I started to increase the friction as I moved as I kissed her from behind. By this point, her backside was moving to meet my motions, and I could feel my cock lying down the valley of her arse.

 She was responding to my advances, so stupidly, I thought she was ready. I slowly worked my hand down and held the end of my dick. I could feel the puckered skin around her hole and recognised it was pretty dry except for some pre-cum from me. I rubbed my dick down her slit to get some of her juices involved, which worked a treat. As I was doing this, one of my fingers glanced inside her pussy lips, making her squirm a little more.

I could feel everything starting to lubricate, so I changed my rhythm a little to make more of a forward motion, rather than the vertical brushing I’d been doing. I felt myself pushing against solid skin. Not quite in the right place yet I thought. Lower. Lower still. Then I found it, the holy grail of interesting sex.

Oh my goodness. Was she not ready for it.

The first 2 seconds were her casually mentioning that I was pushing against her ass. Presumably thinking I was making a mistake. Seconds 2-4 were the era of recognition, where she understood that I had intent. seconds 4-6 were spent with her body magically shuffling forwards without any part of her anatomy moving so she could escape the invader. Needless to say, my attempt was thwarted. Did I caress her and attempt another go? Did I explain that we’d agreed we could do anything we wanted to and this was my thing? Did I man up and say that for the 5 years we’ve been together anal sex has been as high on my list as anything you care to mention?

No. I whimped out completely and said sorry, I didn’t realise, and would she be so kind as to climb back down from the top of the headboard so normal service could be resumed. I hate monotony. I want, no need, variety in my sex life. I think it might be time to find someone who can spice things up a little more.